Liquidation and bankruptcy of legal entities

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Liquidation of sole proprietors

starting from RUR10,000.

In case of voluntary liquidation, the sole proprietor ceases to exist and is excluded from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities (USRLE).

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starting from RUR120,000.00

Bankruptcy is applied if a company has a large debt to counterparties and there is a risk of subsidiary liability of the company’s CEO (owner).

After the bankruptcy procedure, all debts to creditors are considered repaid.

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Maria Dityatkovskaya
Director of Temida Group Law Firm, LLC

Temida Group Law Firm has been providing a full range of bankruptcy support services since 1999.

Over the years of the company's existence, we have managed to establish a reputation as an experienced and reliable partner who has helped many organizations to go through such a complex and lengthy procedure as bankruptcy with minimal losses.

Popular mentions
Vladimir Trofimovich SAMBORSKY
Advisor to the Governor of Khanty-Mansi Okrug-Yugra, Director General of OJSC Surgut Commercial and Industrial Complex (the City of Surgut)
"Our cooperation with the head of the company, Maria Vladimirovna Dityatkovskaya, began in 2004. I would like to note that, as a partner, Mrs Dityatkovskaya is a professional in her field. This company provided us with legal assistance in three complicated processes. Later I recommended the company's specialists to perform a fairly large amount of legal work in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug.
I personally, Vladimir Trofimovich Samborsky, highly appreciate the work performance of Temida Group Law Firm."
Orazkhan Amankhanovich KALIEV
Director General, YuganStroyTrans (Limited Liability Company) (Republic of Altai, the City of Gorno-Altaisk)
"I express my sincere gratitude to Temida Group Law Firm. I would like to note that the company employs high-class professionals who provide a full range of legal services. Watching these professionals in business you realize that they can succeed in any case.
The case of YuganStroyTrans Company was hardcore, it embodied dozens of volumes. To be honest, there were few people around who believed in a positive outcome, it’s no laughing matter to compete with government agencies. We believed that our case was righteous, there was no doubt, but, of course, we needed the help of specialists who understood the intricacies of jurisprudence.
Temida Group’s lawyers became such helpmates for us and, personally, Maria Dityatkovskaya. Under the leadership of the head of the company, we managed to restore justice in the courts of all instances, prove our legal position, save finances, and most importantly, defend the honor of YuganStroyTrans Company. Our company is engaged in construction of industrial and social facilities, provides water transportation services and is a leading investor in Surgut District of Khanty–Mansi Autonomous Okrug- Ugra.
We wish the prosperity of Temida Group Company, expansion of its territories of activity, further victories and achievement of the set goals."
Yuri Vasilyevich GERASIMENKO
Commissioner for the Protection of the Rights of Entrepreneurs in Omsk Region. Doctor of Law, Professor, Honored Lawyer of the Russian Federation.
"The highly professional team of Temida Group Law Firm has been successfully working in the field of legal and consulting services for many years, being one of the leaders in this market. I hope that the relations of cooperation between the Omsk Institute of the Commissioner for the Protection of the Rights of Entrepreneurs and Temida Group Law Firm will continue to develop in the future."
Hussein Khasanovich ELLACH
Associate Professor, Head of the Section of the Departments of the Institute of International Law and Economics named after A.S. Griboyedov, Individual Entrepreneur (Khanty–Mansi Autonomous Okrug, the City of Nizhnevartovsk)
"Temida Group Company was engaged in bankruptcy proceeding of Individual Entrepreneur H.Kh. Ellach. All procedures were followed as permitted by law. When cooperating with my company Maria Vladimirovna Dityatkovskaya took into account the interests of all parties involved.Thanks to the clear position of the bankruptcy trustee, our company managed to approve a debt restructuring plan and pay creditors about 12 million rubles.”
Vladimir Stepanovich LYUBUN
Founder of Stroy Komplekt LLC (Moscow)
"I would like to note the decency and professionalism of the specialists of Temida Group Company. The company’s experts pay the closest attention to their customers, regardless of the scale of the service provided. They are always punctual and accurate, such as true lawyers should be."
Gaydar Kazhbekovich TULEEV
The Head of Breeding Plant "Ovtsevod" LLC (Maryanovsky District, Omsk Region)
"I would like to recommend Temida Group to all managers who are faced with legal and accounting issues. We have been working with the company's specialists for 15 years. Every our appeal to this law firm evoked positive impressions. All emerging issues were resolved promptly, through negotiations.”
Gani Gabitovich ZHIRENOV
Director, "Business City” Business Center LLC (Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan, Omsk, Russia)
"Business City” Business Center has a very comfortable working relationship with Temida Group Law Firm. Its lawyers always enter into the client's position and offer a reasonable, objective solution for business, taking into account all possible components of the emerging problem. Legal support of the business performed by them is always at a high professional level."
Igor Leonidovich BELYAEV
Director, “Arsenal Security Service-Plus” LLC (Omsk)
"We have been cooperating with Temida Group for more than 10 years. Every appeal to this company has always been received with attention. We seek assistance from the company’s experts and get legal support in any incomprehensible business situation. I’m not skilled in matters of law but all legal aspects of the business were explained to me to the full understanding."
Olga Pavlovna FEDULOVA
President, Omsk Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Omsk)
"Temida Group Law Firm has been a member of Omsk Chamber of Commerce and Industry since 2009. The Director of the Company Maria Vladimirovna Dityatkovskaya has been actively working as a member of the Council of the Chamber for more than 6 years. Temida Group has established itself as a reliable partner and provider of legal services not only in Omsk Region, but also throughout Russia."
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We are happy to answer all your questions

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