Legal services for companies
(legal outsourcing)

Stable work of any organization is largely based on competent and timely resolution of current and unplanned legal issues.
Temida Group Law Firm LLC provides comprehensive legal support services for small, medium and large businesses in all regions of Russia.

By signing a contract for subscription legal services, you will get not one lawyer with a narrow specialization, but a well-coordinated team of specialists who will provide comprehensive legal protection for your business.

If you choose us, you get:
In solving legal problems, we rely on 20 years of experience, which allows us to achieve maximum results while protecting your interests.
Compliance with deadlines
The necessary legal documents of your organization will be prepared within the agreed period. We always promptly respond to your calls and requests by e-mail. We are not late for court, for meetings, for work.
Individual approach
We work out and offer the most appropriate way to solve the issue in each specific situation.
A high level of confidentiality of all the subtleties and nuances of your company is maintained.
Thanks to the range of services within the subscription service, our partner companies can focus as much as possible on their core activities, while the specialists of Temida Group Law Firm ensure the legal purity and security of your business.

The cost of the complex of legal outsourcing services includes:

• Oral and written consultation;
• Legal analysis and possible prospects for solving the tasks set by the customer;
• Legal examination of available documents (statements, claims, letters, etc.) for compliance with the norms of current legislation, to ensure maximum protection of the interests of the customer;
• Drawing up the necessary legally correct documents (contracts, statements, claims, letters, etc.);
• Participation in pre-trial dispute settlement procedures;
• Representation of the customer's interests in arbitration courts and courts of general jurisdiction;
• Representation of the customer's interests in law enforcement agencies, the Prosecutor's Office of the Russian Federation, as well as other public authorities on issues of the customer's current activities.
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